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Jobs in Wagga are thriving, and our website is here to guide you through every step of your career journey in this vibrant city. Whether you’re seeking a new role, looking to understand the local job market, or exploring top employers in the area, we have curated resources and insights tailored for every job seeker. Welcome to your comprehensive guide to Wagga Wagga’s employment landscape.

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Top 12 Employers

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When selecting an employer for jobs in Wagga, it’s crucial to assess your career goals and aspirations. Consider the company’s industry reputation, growth opportunities, work culture, and benefits. Researching feedback from current or past employees can also offer valuable insights into making the right choice in Wagga.

Cargill Australia

A multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation. It is the largest private employer in Wagga Wagga, with over 1,000 employees.

Wagga City Council

The local government authority for Wagga Wagga. It employs over 150 people.

Dairy Farmers Australia

A dairy company that is a cooperative owned by dairy farmers in Australia. It has a processing plant in Wagga Wagga, which employs over 100 people.

Murray Irrigation

A water management company that provides water for irrigation and other purposes to farmers in the Riverina region. It is the fourth largest private employer in Wagga Wagga, with over 400 employees.

Charles Sturt University

A public university with a campus in Wagga Wagga. It is the fifth largest private employer in Wagga Wagga, with over 300 employees.

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital

A public hospital that is the major health care provider for the Riverina region. It employs over 1000 people.


An Australian supermarket chain. It has a distribution center in Wagga Wagga, which employs over 200 people.

Heinz Australia

A subsidiary of the American food company Kraft Heinz. It is the second largest private employer in Wagga Wagga, with over 800 employees.

Riverina Fresh

We are a 100% Australian owned dairy manufacturer and foodservice distribution business based in Wagga Wagga. Across NSW and Victoria we employ over 150 people.


Flipscreen is located in the beautiful Riverina, in Wagga Wagga, NSW, and is the home of the world’s best screening attachment. They have a growing manufacturing hub, currently employing multiple different roles.


A multinational mining company. It has a coal mine in the nearby town of Moolarben, which employs over 200 people from Wagga Wagga.

Fonterra Australia

A dairy company that is a subsidiary of the New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra. It is the third largest private employer in Wagga Wagga, with over 500 employees.

Top 5 Recruitment Agencies

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When choosing a recruitment agency for jobs in Wagga, consider your specific needs. Key factors include the industries they focus on, the types of jobs they recruit for in Wagga, their fees, and reputation. Reading reviews from past clients can also guide your decision.

A boutique recruitment agency that specializes in the recruitment of permanent and contract staff for the construction, engineering, and mining industries. They have a 4.5-star Google rating based on 10 reviews.

A leading recruitment agency in Wagga Wagga, specializing in permanent and contract recruitment for a wide range of industries, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, and healthcare. They have a 5-star Google rating based on 33 reviews.

A national recruitment agency with a strong presence in Wagga Wagga. They specialize in the recruitment of skilled tradespeople, engineers, and other professionals. They have a 5-star Google rating based on 22 reviews.

A government-funded employment agency that provides job seekers with assistance in finding employment, including resume writing, interview skills training, and job placement services. They have a 4-star Google rating based on 16 reviews.

A private employment agency that specializes in the recruitment of temporary and contract staff. They also offer a range of other services to job seekers, such as resume writing and interview skills training. They have a 4-star Google rating based on 12 reviews.


Navigating Your Career Path: Salaries, Skills, Support & Safeguards

When navigating the Community Career Hub for jobs in Wagga, you’ll find a goldmine of resources tailored to your career journey. From salary insights to interview tips, it’s your comprehensive platform to understand and engage with Wagga’s employment scene.

Salary Guide

Dive into our comprehensive Salary Guide to gauge the earning potential in Wagga Wagga. Stay informed about competitive rates for various roles and industries, ensuring you're always a step ahead in your negotiations.

Training & Education

Upgrade your skills and qualifications with our detailed Training & Education section. Discover courses and certifications tailored to boost your career prospects in the ever-evolving job market.

Resume & CV Resources

First impressions matter! Elevate your professional representation with our curated Resume & CV Resources. From templates to expert advice, ensure your application stands out from the crowd.

Interview Tips

Ace your next interview with confidence! Our Interview Tips provide insightful strategies, common questions, and best practices, empowering you to make a lasting impression on potential employers.

Work Rights & Legal Info

Stay protected and informed. Navigate the intricacies of the job world with our essential guide on Work Rights & Legal Info, ensuring you're always aware of your rights and obligations in the workplace.

Cost of Living guide

Navigate life in Wagga Wagga with confidence! Delve into our Cost of Living Guide to grasp the essentials—from housing to daily expenses—and make informed decisions that align with your budget.

Life in Wagga

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Making a move to pursue jobs in Wagga? Our essential relocation guide is here to ensure a smooth transition, helping you settle into your new life in Wagga Wagga with confidence.

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